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“‘I was diagnosed at 46’: Waterloo mom calls late autism diagnosis a relief”
(Waterloo Chronicle)

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ARTICLE: International Foundation of Employee Benefit Plans

October 2023
Embracing Neurodiversity: Building an Inclusive Future

ARTICLE: Plans and Trusts

September 2023
Working Toward Neurodiversity Inclusion

ARTICLE: Waterloo Chronicle

May 2023
‘I was diagnosed at 46’: Waterloo mom calls late autism diagnosis a relief

ARTICLE: Eastern Workforce Innovation Board (as originally published in The Globe and Mail)

December 2021
How are workplaces supporting Canadian workers with disabilities?

ARTICLE: Reader’s Digest

November 2020
I Was 46 When I Discovered I Was Autistic. Suddenly My Life Made Sense

ARTICLE: Broadview

March 2020
I learned I had autism at 46. I now understand myself.

Podcasts & Video

PODCAST: Mind Your Own Business

January 2024
On this episode of Mind Your Own Business, we meet Wanda, a champion of change at the helm of Liberty Co, a consultancy firm for members of the neurodivergent community.

PODCAST: The Universal Workforce Institute

October 2023
Wanda talks about why accessibility needs to be included in DE&I, the need for representation of women with autism, and how neuroinclusivity efforts benefit everyone in the process.

VIDEO: Accessible Media Interview

May 2022
Invisible Disabilities
(Wanda’s segment begins at 10:43)

VIDEO: AutiTalks

March 2022
Wanda shares her journey as an autistic woman diagnosed late in life and discusses a number of topics such as inclusion at work


Putting Neurodiversity to Work: A Five Step Guide (PDF)

Azrieli Foundation, 2024
Accessible Employers, The Inclusive Workplace, Liberty Co, NEUROinclusive Workforce Solutions, Ready, Willing & Able (RWA), Worktopia

ORAL PRESENTATION: Gender, neurodivergence and work: Autistic women’s employment experiences in the Canadian context

Nordic Network on Disability research, 2023 Annual Conference
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RESEARCH: The State of Women’s Entrepreneurship in Canada

Women Entrepreneurship Knowledge Hub, 2023
Page 68

BOOK: Entrepreneurship, Neurodiversity & Gender

Dinah Bennett & Yolanda K. Gibb © 2022
Page 13 (of Introduction)

BOOK: Navigating the Messy Middle

by Ann Douglas © 2022
Acknowledgements page 226