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Headshot of Wanda Deschamps with text that reads Volunteer Award and the Life Sciences Logo

Wanda gives back to the community and industry in various ways, including as a member of the Life Sciences Ontario IDEA committee. In recognition of her contributions she is the 2023 Volunteer award recipient.

“Wanda has been a volunteer on LSO’s Inclusion Diversity Equity Accessibility (IDEA) Committee sharing her knowledge to help build strong internal processes for LSO around the principles of IDEA. She also sits on the steering committee of the Building an Inclusive Life Sciences Future, a series of workshops aimed at developing a vision and action plan for inclusion, diversity, equity and accessibility (IDEA) within Canada’s life sciences ecosystem.”


Wanda standing next to her son Adrien in front of Parliament Hill
Wanda believes in the right for autistics to be engaged citizens involved in societal decision-making. She has canvassed in all federal, provincial and municipal election campaigns since 2019 on behalf of women candidates.

Wanda is also a donor to the Equal Voice Foundation, dedicated to improving gender representation in Canadian politics. The Foundation’s multi-partisanship highlights the advocacy and education of women from all parties working toward reaching gender parity.

She is delighted that politics is an interest she shares with her older son, Adrien. Wanda and Adrien were scrutineers for different parties in the 2022 Ontario provincial election and travelled to Parliament Hill in March 2023 to attend Question Period and visit with Members of Parliament.


Collage of three photos showing Wanda Deschamps and other women in a photoshoot for Warrior Wisdom wearing black tee shirts and jeans.

As part of her commitment to being a settler ally, Wanda has been following Jenn Harper and purchasing Cheekbone Beauty products since 2019. So she was proud to be featured in Cheekbone Beauty’s 2022 Warrior Wisdom campaign

“…focused on empowering mature audiences to embrace their natural beauty and experiment with makeup. With three models between the ages of 40 and 60 years old, Cheekbone Beauty wants women to know that age is beauty, and they should show theirs off with pride.”


Candid photo of Wanda with Nadia, founders of Women4Women

Image: Wanda and Naudia after Naudia’s fireside chat with Jenn Harper, Kitchener, ON – March 2023

Wanda is the catalyst behind #Women4Women premised on women supporting other women. Along with founding member, Naudia Banton their vision is gender equality through women positivity, women focus and women support. Wanda channels this through her involvement in such initiatives as womenmind and Women of Influence for Women’s Art.

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