Wanda holding arms folded in front of chest wearing a white shirt

Wanda K. Deschamps

Wanda is the founder and principal of Liberty Co – a consultancy focused on increasing neurodiverse employment with a special emphasis on autism due to her own diagnosis at midlife.

A champion for inclusion, she enjoys speaking and writing under the banner of the Inclusion Revolution, a worldwide movement launched in 2018 to spearhead broader thinking about disability, especially disability employment. As part of this, Wanda is a proud advocate for women with autism, including as an advisor and participant in research into autistic women’s experiences in the workplace.

Prior to founding Liberty Co, Wanda enjoyed a twenty-five year career in the philanthropic sector serving with leading Canadian institutions. Now a neuroinclusion thought leader and speaker, she partners with public, private and non-profit organizations across Canada, and is known for bringing creativity and passion to every session, panel and keynote.

She gives back to the community and industry in various ways and was recognized as the Life Sciences Ontario 2023 volunteer award recipient.

Wanda lives in Waterloo, Ontario with her husband and their two sons.

A Strengths-Based Approach to Neurodiversity

Wanda Deschamps holding a mug wearing a blue shirt
“We’re not the problem. Autistics, neurodivergent individuals, persons with disabilities, we’re not a problem. The problem is exclusion, the problem is barriers. Let’s take down those barriers and I can guarantee that it’s not just good for us, it’s good for everyone.”